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Femilog® is the answer have been looking for for a long time! It is a wonderful app for menopausal women. I have found information about menopause on Femilog ® that I have not been able to find anywhere else and it is really helping me through this phase of life. A huge thanks to Femilog ®, and the amazing community of women who are part of Femilog ®
Teresa Watkins, 49 år

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Femilog® is a two time winning award-winning global app. Try it free for 14 days now! 

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Femilog® wants to break the taboo on menopause. We bring you real-life inspirational stories. You can help us break the taboo. Share your menopause story with us at hello@femilog.com and be a part of a greater cause

Oversete symptomer i overgangsalderen
Karriere og overgangsalderen går hånd i hånd
Joan Ørting er Femilogs nye ambassadør for overgangsalderen
Manu Sareen er i overgangsalderen
Janni Pedersen køber stadig menstruationsbind
Symptomer på overgangsalderen

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